Yankees making big moves over in the Bronx

The Yankees have now made some moves that will positively affect this team. After the Mets recent signings and trades, the Yankees had a chip on their shoulder to stay competitive with the other New York team. They recently re-signed second baseman and MVP candidate D.J. Lemahieu and signed free agent Corey Kluber. These signings show that they are trying to win a World Series bad.

While Lemahieu settled for less money than expected and offered from other teams, this means he's staying with the Bronx Bombers for 6 more years. One rumor that has been flying around is that they might have told him if he signed for less, they would get him a few more players including recently acquired Corey Kluber. Other rumors that have come out have said that they are very close on signing Luis Castillo, a right handed pitcher with the Reds. He has a nasty change-up and can be the guy they've needed for a while now.

More reports suggest the Yanks might move Gleyber Torres in a trade to acquire Castillo. In my opinion they shouldn't give up on him yet, as he still has a few years before his prime. He can be a game changer on the field and has shown his potential. When he is on his game, he can hit between 20-30 bombs in a season, and can be the guy they need to lead the line-up. Reasons to move him could be because they are a very right-handed dominated line-up that strikes out too much. He is no exception to that and they are hoping to change the line-up to be more well rounded in the future.

With the recent reports, the Yankees can potentially be World Series contenders in 2021. They already have a loaded line-up with one of the best bullpens in the game. The rotation seems to be shaping up, which is exactly what they need to be firing on all cylinders in 2021.

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