Yadi and Waino reunited once again in St. Louis

After 16 seasons together in the big leagues, Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright are back together for a possible last hurrah in 2021. Both have had a rich history together, Yadi having caught Wainwright in 309 of his career appearances. The two have such an understanding for each other that last year in spring training, Waino was pitching to Yadi without any signs being given, and Molina didn't seem to be crossed up one time.

With both coming back on one year deals, you have to expect that this could very well be their last season together, and it will be a sad day when they both pitch to each other last. While Wainwright has always had Molina on his side, Molina started a year earlier than Wainwright, but they have always had such a connection in the big leagues.

They have had many accolades together, including two World Series wins together. Yadi has always had a great connection with pitchers, especially younger ones, but nobody has had a bigger connection with him than Adam Wainwright.

Yadi has a very good case to make Cooperstown, meanwhile Wainwright doesn't have all the accolades and stats to his name to be with Yadi in the Hall of Fame. Molina has been debated by many if he should be in the Hall of Fame, but most recently it's been said that he should make it.

Last season Wainwright had one of his best seasons as of late, and if he can keep it up this year, the Cardinals should have a scary rotation to face in 2021.

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