Wong to Brewers on multi-year contract

After a lot of discussion surrounding the former Cardinals second baseman, he has signed with a division rival, the Brewers. One of the biggest needs for the Cardinals included acquiring Wong as their future second baseman, but that didn't happen.

He reportedly signed to a two year, $18 million contract, and a club option in 2023. It would cost the Brewers $8 million if they choose to keep him.

One question lingering after this move is, where will Wong play? Obviously with his gold glove at second base, he'll probably play there, but they already have Keston Hiura at second base. One thing they can do is move him over to first base, like a Vladmir Guerrero Jr. move, because it seems to have worked a little for Vlad Jr.

While he does have a premium glove at second base, his offense can be a little lackluster. He won't provide the Brewers with a ton of pop, but he will give a lot of chances to score because he gets on base really well. He can run a little bit, but still isn't a Byron Buxton type runner.

With this move the Brewers won't be playoff favorites, but this should nonetheless be a great move for the Brewers.

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