Breaking: Lindor to the Mets

With the news of Francisco Lindor being traded, how does this affect each team?

Not only was Lindor involved in this blockbuster trade, Carlos Carrasco, an All-Star caliber pitcher, was also sent over to the queens. How does this impact the Indians future? The Mets?

Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco were traded to the uprising Mets in exchange for Amed Rosario and prospects Isaiah Greene, Andres Gimenez, and Josh Wolf. Rosario fits right in with the plans of the rebuilding Indians. He is a leader on the field and is the guy they need playing good defense and taking this young team under his wing. Andres Gimenez is the guy you want in your farm system that still needs development. He can play gold glove defense with an above average bat. He can steal a few bases and be the rising star they need. Josh Wolf is a tall right hander with a plus fastball and good command that slots right in to an already great rotation. Isaiah Greene is the guy they've needed for a while. The Indians have had a tough time finding the right fit in the outfield. This very well could be the guy patrolling center in the future for years to come.

Of course the Mets were the team immediately getting better in the deal. They got very possibly the best shortstop in the league in Lindor. He has a plus bat with decent speed and platinum glove defense. He also has a bit of a clutch factor with many big swings in his career that have changed the game drastically. Not only did they get him but the got another great piece for the rotation in Carlos Carrasco. He has a quick pace and works fro the stretch so it throws off the hitters timing a bit. He has a decent fastball and a devastating change-up with great downward movement. He fits right in with one of the best rotations in baseball led by Jacob deGrom. The Mets future looks very bright and are going to be playoff contenders for a while.

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