Who is the face of baseball?

Currently there are many exciting players in the MLB, but there is a big conflict about who is the face of baseball. Some say Fernando Tatis Jr, and others might say Mike Trout. We'll give our input on who we think is the face of baseball.

While Mike Trout is without a doubt the best player in the game, he's just too boring and doesn't involve himself in anything. He might be the most recognized face by baseball fans, but the outsiders really don't have a clue who he is.

Fernando Tatis Jr has had an amazing stretch in his first 140 or so games, but he hasn't played enough to be in the top of categories like many rank him. Although, he is a very marketable player and is around the media. Other sports fans will soon know his name if they don't already. He is exciting to the game and brings many of the moments us baseball fans either love or hate.

Juan Soto might also be the face of baseball. He's only 22 years old, and he is already in the conversation of being top 3 in the league. He is an amazing hitter, and brings a lot of swag to the game. He was all over the media with his "Soto Shuffle" in the 2019 season. Juan Soto might not be the face of baseball, but he certainly is close.

Braves star Ronald Acuna Jr has had his fair share of amazing moments that make us love him so much. Acuna bat flips, he struts, he has so much swag that many fans can't get enough of. He is also creeping up in the ranks to the top, and some consider him in the top 5.

Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts has won two World Series and won america free tacos twice! He also makes so many highlight-reel plays that everybody has seen. He's fast, hits bombs, and fields exceptionally. He is an all-around amazing player and a fan favorite.

In our opinion, Fernando Tatis Jr is currently the face of baseball because he is always making incredible plays that everybody wishes they can do but can't, and he has really shaken up baseball and lead it into its next era.

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