Where will the top free-agents go?

Players like Trevor Bauer and DJ Lemahieu have yet to decide where they will sign? Here are our predictions of where they might go.

Trevor Bauer:


The reigning Cy Young award winning pitcher has a lot of anticipation on where he might land. His social media marketing has brought a lot of questions to where he will go. Our best fit for him is the Los Angeles Angels. They have a great line up with a great future ahead. The only problem seems to be getting pitching, especially finding a true ace to lead the staff. Bauer is the perfect guy they need and they will spend all the money needed to get the missing piece. Plus, who wouldn't want to play with the best player in baseball?

George Springer:


The New York Mets made a splash yesterday acquiring the best shortstop in the MLB Francisco Lindor. Steve Cohen has made it clear he isn't done yet though. Landing George Springer would be the perfect move for this team. With a loaded line-up that is one piece away, George Springer would boost this outfield to the fullest of its potential.

D.J. Lemahieu:

Blue Jays

Lemahieu is no doubt a great player that just can't seem to get that contract he wants. The Blue Jays would be willing to spend the money needed to get a guy like Lemahieu. The Yankees have clearly been struggling to get the right contract that benefits both sides. The Blue Jays should jump on the opportunity and boost their young line-up.

J.T. Realmuto:


Even with all the drama ensuing in the Phillies saying they can't afford Realmuto, they have to sign this guy. No other team seems to have a better fit for him than his former team. There is no way they won't sign the best catcher in baseball who has an amazing bat, great running ability for a catcher, great pop-time, and top framing. This is the guy the Phillies need and I think they do whatever they need to do to sign him.

Marcell Ozuna


They have to resign him right? He was the best designated hitter in the league last year. The Braves need to sign him to keep up with the rising Mets. They have one of the best futures from the looks of it and with Soroka back next year they will be better than ever. The Braves will throw money at Ozuna to get their guy.

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