What are the Phillies doing?

In the off season we have seen moves from many NL East teams, like the Mets getting Lindor and Carrasco, the Nationals signing Kyle Schwarber and trading for Josh Bell, the Marlins building up their farm system with loads of young talent, and the Braves signing Charlie Morton and already featuring one of the best teams. We have to ask ourselves, what are the Phillies doing?

With already possibly losing the best catcher in baseball due to ownership complaining they don't have enough money, the Phillies are only getting worse behind star Bryce Harper. The Phillies are very close to being a very good team, but they seem to choose to give up on this team while everybody else seems to get better. If they want to be competitive, they have to go out and re-sign Realmuto and make a splash in the off season.

The Phillies would be a dangerous team if they sign a guy like Trevor Bauer to lead Aaron Nola and their rotation. The Phillies could do dangerous things if they just try to get better.

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