Teams that will perform better than expected in 2021

There are many teams in the MLB that are about to surprise a lot of people in the coming year. Many people expect them to play under standards or just flat out be terrible. Here are a few teams that will play way better than expected.

1. Miami Marlins

With a farm system that features some of the best talents in the entire game, there is no question that the Marlins are going to be very good in a few years. Even following a season where they made it to the playoffs, many think that the Marlins are going to fall back to a low tier team in the majors. We're not saying that they repeat last year with a playoff berth, but expect them to be competing for a wild card spot in the NL.

2. Seattle Mariners

The Mariners are in a very similar spot as the Marlins are. They both have great talent in the minors and have great potential for the future. While they might not have performed well last year, we expect them to play to a middle-of-the-road caliber and win around 75 games. They likely won't make a playoff spot, but they still can play way better than people are saying. The Mariners have a lot of room to work with, and can be a top team in a short while.

3. Kansas City Royals

Following one of the most underrated offseasons this year, the Royals can play way above expectations in 2021, especially if Andrew Benintendi can play to his potential that he had in college. They added so many veterans and players that should positively affect Kansas City in 2021. Many keep putting them in the low categories when they can win almost 80 games in 2021.

4. Detroit Tigers

Everybody knows how much power Detroit has in their farm system. They have Spencer Torkelson, Casey Mize, Riley Greene, and so much more to look forward to. Everybody thinks that they will play poorly this year, but that isn't the case. While they aren't going to jump up to the higher tier teams in the league, they will exceed expectations this upcoming year. They should have Casey Mize for a full year now, and they added some veterans into the lineup that should bode well with the young guns in the ballclub.

5. Boston Red Sox

After Boston lost Mookie Betts due to a trade intended to dump salaries, many fans of the game soon knew that the league-leading team they had in 2018 was no more. They performed way below standards in 2019 and in 2020. They have not had ace Chris Sale for a while, so if he gets to return, that would be a huge addition. In the trade for Mookie, they got some studs like Jeter Downs and Alex Verdugo. The big question is if the bullpen can hold its ground in 2021. While they won't be a top bullpen, they should be a decent one that could give the Sox a few extra wins.

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