Tatis, Padres close on extension

The Padres are about to extend Tatis on an 11 year, $320 million contract. At only 22 years old, Fernando is close to being one of the highest paid players in the MLB.

For the Padres, this means that they will likely have their most exciting player for a long time. He brings a lot of fans to the seats, and a lot of jerseys bought. Tatis might be the most fun and exciting player to watch, not just with the passion he brings, but his play too.

While he might not have the best stats defensively, he makes incredible plays that many cannot replicate. When he brings his bat to the plate, you don't want to face him either. He has shown that he will be firing in any count, which means not one pitch is safe to Tatis. On the base paths he is one of the most aggressive yet agile base runners. He can get out of any pickle with his heads up reads, and his ability to score on any hit is incredible.

This means Tatis will be locked into a team that is very competitive and on the rise, just perfect for a growing 22 year old. He will be ecstatic not just for the money, but also to play on this team for years to come. This contract would set him for life, and we already know he'll be getting paid more after this contract expires. The contract is over when he is 33, so you know he'll be getting paid after.

You better watch out for Tatis in 2021, because we don't know what he can do in a full 162 game season.

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