Tatis on cover of MLB the Show 21 and new info about the game

After a long time of waiting, today is the day we finally get more information about MLB's licensed video game. At least now we get more info about MLB the Show 21.

The fans of the game typically expect to hear news on the game around the end of the World Series. We're 3 months after that now, and we're just getting the first information about the game.

The first new news that came out was on a new feature called scouting report. We're not too sure yet what mode that will be on, but it sounds like a feature that would be in "Road to the Show." We also don't know quite yet what the feature includes, but it sounds like it could be something to get ahead on what to expect from the opponent.

The next thing we found out was that Fernando Tatis Jr. is going to be on the cover of the game. The fans highly anticipated this decision, but only questioned it around the World Series when we hadn't yet gotten info.

They suspected that Mookie Betts might be on the cover since they couldn't get cover pictures since he was playing. Others thought that maybe Roberto Clemente would be on it for his iconic number 21.

Now that we know Tatis is on the cover, fans are rejoicing that the fan favorite player is the cover boy. He is flashy and new aged, and breaks the old unwritten rules of baseball. When he got introduced, he sarcastically apologized for "breaking the unwritten rules," and said he isn't going back.

We also got new info about when the game is releasing. It comes out on April 20th, so we still have to wait quite a while for the game. Covid concerns have obviously affected the making of the game, and now the game comes out a month late. With the problems of social distancing and the fact that it is produced in one of the biggest states for cases, the studio has clearly been struggling.

One of the main problems has also been figuring out the new next gen features for the game. Not only that, but it is also supposed to be released on Xbox and Nintendo. San Diego Studios used to be strictly PlayStation, and now that the game isn't, they have to figure out how to make it friendly to the new consoles.

Their is many hype surrounding the game, and we'll have to see if the game is going to be worth the wait to play.

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