Tatis Jr. signs huge extension with Padres

The Padres secured their future star by signing an extension with the superstar talent of Fernando Tatis Jr. He signed to a very long fourteen year deal worth a whopping $340 million. The Padres clearly don't want to get rid of this guy, but who would?

Tatis has been a sensational one time talent you rarely come across. He has lightning fast hands and feet, and while he doesn't put up great defensive numbers, he makes tons of highlight reel plays every night. He is very flashy, and arguably the most marketable player in the entire league.

When you first look at the deal you think about the probable overpay, which it probably isn't the greatest deal, but the worst part is that he still only has played in 143 games in two seasons. He clearly hasn't played enough games for this type of long term contract.

One fun fact about this deal is that his final year on the contract is the year the Mets make their final payment to Bobby Bonilla. That shows how long this massive deal really is, and he's only 22 years old.

While it might seem like a overpay, just remember that Tatis likely has the biggest fan base and he will bring many fans to the stands, just to see Tatis get some at-bats. In the long term, the Padres made a good business deal, a move that could keep this team a powerhouse for many years in the future.

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