Royals, Mets, and Red Sox make three team trade involving Benintendi

The Royals keep up their quiet but very good off season by acquiring former Red Sox top prospect, Andrew Benintendi. Also involved in the trade was some cash also going to Kansas City, Franchy Cordero and two players to be named later to the Red Sox. The Mets sent Josh Winckowski and a player to be named later and are getting Khalil Lee from the Royals.

While it may seem at first that the Royals haven't really gone out and done much this off season, they have actually added a lot this off season. They just acquired Benintendi, they got Carlos Santana early in the off season, and got a very underrated second baseman in Hanser Alberto.

While adding Benintendi may seem like a great move, Benintendi hasn't really seen much success lately since he came up to the majors. He was a highly touted prospect out of Arkansas and was supposed to be the next big thing for the Red Sox. Ever since he got called up to the majors, he has regressed every game rapidly.

The nickname "Benny Biceps" hasn't really lived up to its name as he doesn't even have had 60 homers in his career. His power has regressed, but a new home could give him a fresh start to prove the haters wrong.

If the Royals get the Benintendi he was back in the minors, this could be a very solid pickup. The Royals have had Alex Gordon in the outfield forever, and now that he's gone, they need somebody to replace his legacy. Benintendi could be the perfect guy for this franchise.

Franchy Cordero has been with the Padres ever since he got drafted to them. He made his debut in 2017 with San Diego. They sent him off to the Royals before the 2020 season, and the Royals were pretty fast to give him up, since he hasn't been all that good in the majors yet.

This could be a very underrated move this off season, and we'll see if it pays off for each team.

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