Realmuto back with Phillies on record contract

As the off season went on, we didn't get to see much action in free agency. After a few days, players started to sign to clubs headed by the best catcher in baseball signing back with Philadelphia.

He signed to a 5 year, $115 million contract, a record amount for a catcher. He passed Joe Mauer, an all-time great catcher for the Twins.

The Phillies have said multiple times in the off season that they couldn't afford him, yet they just signed him for a record breaking amount. This calls the trust of the Phillies into question, how much more have they lied about in the past?

The clear need for them has always been pitching, yet they only get mediocre at best arms every off season. The best they have got recently was Zack Wheeler, a solid arm who they over paid to get.

While Realmuto is one of the best players in baseball, does it fit their needs? He is a top catcher who can be a top defender and best hitter for a catcher, but this leaves no room to sign a top of line starter. If the Phillies really are as poor as they say, they shouldn't be able to make it into the playoffs any time soon.

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