Rankings the Players with the Best Chance to Win Rookie of the Year

There are many amazing young talents today, certainly more than 10-20 years ago. We have many more resources now that help us get to know prospects a little more. Today we're ranking the top 5 prospects that have rookie eligibility that can win the Rookie of the Year.

5. Dylan Carlson

Coming off of his first season in the big leagues, he had a decent year after struggling early on. He struggled in his first call up so they sent him down to figure things out. He did, and he came back with better discipline and overall played much better. He played in his first postseason games, where he mashed. If he can replicate his second half, he has the ability to be a leader for the ROY.

4. Forrest Whitley

The Astros have a very exciting prospect set to debut in 2021. He has a heavy fastball with a lot of run and a nasty change up that looks like his fastball so hitters won't be able to tell what pitch is coming. He has electrifying stuff and amazing stats in the minors. If he plays as projected, watch out for this Rookie of the Year contender.

3. Adley Rutschman

The former number one overall pick by the Orioles is set to debut in 2021. He is one of the best talents we have seen from a catcher in a while. He was intentionally walked with the bases loaded! That's Barry Bonds stuff! You don't see that every day despite from a catcher. If he plays like he has in the Minor Leagues and college, we project him to have a very good chance to win Rookie of the Year.

2. Randy Arozarena

While his teammate Wander Franco hasn't seen the majors, Randy has. He set the home run record in a postseason ever! With the hype surrounding him and his experience, he has a great chance to win Rookie of the Year.

1. Wander Franco

If he plays, he has a chance to have one of the best rookie seasons of all time. The Rays number one prospect is coming off of an injury in winter ball that kept him out of baseball for a little bit. Sources say that he is ready for opening day of 2021. The only question looming is are the Rays going to put him in the field?

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