Ranking the top 5 pitchers in the MLB

With so many great generations of pitchers, there is no better generation than today's, with guys throwing harder than ever, even getting up to 102 a few times. It's hard to decide who's the best in the game, but we're ranking them from the fifth to the best in the game.

5. Justin Verlander

Verlander has been only getting better with age, but in this following season he was injured and out for all of 2020. He has shown that he can be the guy that leads a team to a long post season run. He has put up great numbers recently, even winning the Cy Young in 2019 with the Astros. He is now battling issues dealing with Tommy john surgery in 2020. This is no injury to scoff at, so we'll see if he ca get back to his old self where he can be a top pitcher in the league.

4. Trevor Bauer

The current free agent is coming off of a career season, capping it off with winning the Cy Young. With a 1.73 ERA in 2020 and the most complete games and shutouts in the league, it was a no brainer to give him the Cy Young in the national league. His heaving influence on social media has given him a lot of fans and likable traits to this dominant pitcher. He is a heavily touted free agent that practically every team wants to lead their staff. He can bring a lot of fans to the seats, and a lot of wins to the team. He has that post season experience, and as we saw in 2020, he was dominant in his only start in the 2020 post season. Everybody hopes that he can keep it up, and we fully expect him to do just that in 2021.

3. Shane Bieber

After a very promising 2019 season, he got even better to win the Cy Young in 2020. He led the league in ERA, K's, ERA+, FIP, H9, and SO9. Bieber led in virtually everything! Shane won the All-Star game MVP, and as a pitcher, that almost never happens. I know he was in his home ball park when he won it, but it's still crazy to win the award as a pitcher. He started off the 2020 season by tying and breaking records such as most strikeouts in the first 2 games of a season. Coming off of an incredible 2020 season, we expect more in the future for this young pitcher.

2. Gerrit Cole

After a 2019 season where he won the Cy Young with record breaking, he signed a record breaking contract with the New York Yankees in the off season following. He set the record for the most consecutive games without recording a loss in MLB history in 2019 and 2020. In 2020 he had a 2.84 ERA with a strikeout per 9 innings ratio of 11.6. In 2019, the Yankees signed him to make sure they got their ace to lead the staff in the future, and boy did he not disappoint. He led them all the way to game 5 of the ALDS, which is a shorter run than they wanted, but he put up impressive number throughout the season and post season. In the future, we expect to see more of what he's shown coming soon.

1. Jacob deGrom

Without a doubt, the former back-to-back Cy Young award winner is the best to pitch in today's world. He seems to be throwing harder each and every year with devastating off speeds to back it up. He started off his career slow, but showed some promise. Later on in 2018 he had 1.70 ERA in 32 starts, and had 269 strikeouts to a WHIP of .912. Those are unreal stats to have, including a 1.98 FIP. The very next year he had a little bit of a worse year, but still good enough to win the CY Young. You can't really get much better than that dominant 2018 season. There is no doubt that he is the best in the game.

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