Pujols uncertain about future

Yesterday there was some big news that came out from Albert Pujols' wife, posting on her Instagram that her husband was done with baseball after the '21 season. Later on she changed the post to say that his contract is done after this upcoming season.

Speculation has gone around the league with many uprising questions about Pujols and his future. Pujols is currently going into his final year on his mega-deal, and we wouldn't be surprised if a team doesn't offer anything for him. Pujols should definitely be preparing for his life after baseball, and it wouldn't be too crazy to say that he's on track to live that next year.

Pujols has had an amazing career, one of the best ever, and should definitely be considered for a first ballot Hall of Fame inauguration. The three time MVP and ten time all star has mashed 662 homers, ranking fifth on the all time leader board. He has hit well over 3,000 hits, and a near .300 batting average at .299.

Could this post have been a mistake, and not meant to go out to the public, or could it really be an honest mistake and mean nothing? We'll have to wait 'till later in the year to find out about Pujols' future.

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