Predicting every teams record in the 2021 season

With Spring Training starting and baseball season in full swing, it's the perfect time to guess and predict each and every teams record for the upcoming season. We'll start in the American League East.

New York Yankees: 103-59

The Yankees are one of the best teams in the sport, and no one can argue that. Their weakness has always been in the rotation, but this year they should have Severino back, and the rest of the rotation looks better than ever. They have Gerrit Cole, who most consider to be the second best pitcher in the league, behind his cross town rival Jacob deGrom. The Yankees should be the team to beat in the AL.

Toronto Blue Jays: 89-73

Toronto has built up it's young core very well, surrounded with guys like Bo Bichette, Vladmir Guerrero Jr, and Cavan Biggio. That doesn't include the current prospects who haven't debuted yet. Nate Pearson struggled in 2020, but look out for him to bounce back with a solid year in 2021. The Blue Jays are no joke, and we have them sneaking into the second Wild Card spot.

Boston Red Sox: 78-84

While most seem to not be too high on the Red Sox capabilities, we see them as a dark horse team that could even sneak into a Wild Card spot. We don't think that will happen, but the young core they have built has the capabilities to do some big things in 2021. Alex Verdugo had a breakout year in 2020, and Tanner Houck has filthy stuff. Look for the Red Sox to slip up in the standings in the AL East.

Tampa Bay Rays: 72-90

While the Tampa Bay Rays went to the World Series last year, they just don't look anything like they did in 2020. They shipped off Blake Snell in a trade with the Padres, and Charlie Morton left in free agency. Those are two big wholes that the Rays still need to fill. We just don't see them doing anything special in 2021.

Baltimore Orioles: 69-93

With no surprise, the Orioles come at last in the division, but they should exceed everybody's expectations in the upcoming year. They have a solid young core, lead by Adley Rutschman, an exciting young catching prospect, who is one of the best we've seen in a while. The Orioles might not be the best this year, but in the future they should be a very good ball club.

AL Central

Chicago White Sox: 94-68

The Chicago White Sox are no joke, with very good players left and right. They showed in 2020 what they can do, but expect more in 2021. They added Lance Lynn, a solid pitcher who should be good for around two or so years. They also acquired Liam Hendriks, who most consider to be the best reliever in baseball, who should fit that whole they've had in their bullpen for years. The young team they have has shown a little bit of what they can do, but expect in 2021 and many years to come many winning seasons.

Minnesota Twins: 84-78

Many consider the Twins to be a powerhouse, but we just don't see them performing in 2021. They have an aging Nelson Cruz, who is in his last years in the game, and their pitching staff isn't fit for a long run in the season. Sure their offense should provide plenty of runs to work with, but they still don't have the ace that they have long desired. Kenta Maeda looked really good in 2020, but he might not be able to keep that up a full 162 game season. Jose Berrios has nasty stuff and is electric, but he hasn't posted that breakout season that has been long awaited. The bullpen isn't very good either, so expect the Twins to not be very good in 2021.

Cleveland Baseball Club (Indians): 79-83

The Cleveland team is regressing, and clearly beginning their rebuilding phase. They shipped off franchise star and once-in-a-lifetime talent in Francisco Lindor, and lost out on Carlos Santana, a slugger first baseman who provided solid power numbers in 2020. While the pitching staff is one of the best in baseball, the offense is almost a non-factor. Besides Jose Ramirez, they don't have much firepower in that offense. We don't see them performing well in 2021.

Kansas City Royals: 75-87

The Royals aren't expected to have a great season in 2021, but most don't recognize the amazing off season they had, acquiring Carlos Santana, trading for Andrew Benintendi, signing Hanser Alberto, and getting Mike Minor. Those are all very underrated moves, and we think could boost them all the way up to 75 wins. While they are fourth, they could have easily gone fifth or third in the division.

Detroit Tigers: 73-89

While the Tigers are still last in the division, they should perform much better than they have in recent years. They had Casey Mize debut in 2020, and have Tarik Skubal, Spencer Torkelson, and many other great players set to play in either 2021 or very soon. The Tigers could easily have gone third, so don't think we are disrespecting the Tigers. They should be a very underrated team, and one of the best in 3-4 years.

AL West

Houston Astros: 89-73

While the Astros have been beat to the dirt by fans all over America, the Astros are still a very solid team, especially with Justin Verlander and Yordan Alvarez returning this year. While they might not have the best record, they still will win the division in 2021. Verlander should have a solid year, but we think he'll show decline this year, along with Zack Greinke. The offense should perform up to standards, or possibly even above, and expect big years from guys like Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa.

Los Angeles Angels: 87-75

The Angels are a very good team offensively, but the pitching still needs work. We think they just edge out the Twins in the Wild Card, and just miss out on a division win by two games. The offense should provide just enough runs to win games, and Jared Walsh really found his footing in 2020. You can also expect Griffin Canning to be a solid arm in that rotation, and Shohei Ohtani said his arm feels really good in spring training. Expect a big year and a playoff game for Mike Trout.

Seattle Mariners: 79-83

While the Mariners aren't quite there yet, this team is still a very good and young team. They haven't played well recently, but expect career years out of Kyle Lewis and Evan White. The rest of the young crew should be very good in the future, and some could debut this year like Jered Kelenic. They should take a big step forward on their way to hopefully a World Series title in the near future.

Oakland Athletics: 75-87

The A's have had a few good years recently, but we don't see them doing too well in 2021. They lost Liam Hendriks, a big time closer that has brought them many wins and their team just doesn't seem to good on paper. While they might have good chemistry, they still just don't have what it takes to win a lot of games. Many might think this as a surprise, but look out for many other AL West teams perform better in 2021.

Texas Rangers: 58-104

The Rangers are a very bad team and that's that. Nobody can argue that they are one of the worst teams in the league. They don't have any pitching whatsoever and the offense is lackluster. Just a year or two ago they seemed to be close to reaching their peak, but they just don't have it anymore. The Rangers could ship off big name players like Joey Gallo, and look for them to start their rebuild process now.

National League

NL East

Atlanta Braves: 97-65

Ronald Acuna Jr, Freddie Freeman, and Ozzie Albies all head a team that has been World Series contenders for the past few years. They've made the playoffs in the last 3 years since Acuna came up in 2018. He has been part of a high powered offense with a very good bullpen and rotation to help. The Braves are no joke, and we don't see them missing the playoffs this year. This three headed monster is going to be around for a long time.

New York Mets: 91-71

With Steve Cohen coming in to this organization to make big moves and lead the Mets to a dynasty, that's exactly what he did this off season. He made some of the biggest moves in the game acquiring Francisco Lindor, who most consider to be the best shortstop in all of baseball. They also got James McCann to catch the nasty pitching staff, and added Trevor May to that pitching staff. The Mets will sneak in with the second Wild Card spot this season.

Washington Nationals: 85-77

The Nationals had a great off season after a lackluster year following their World Series victory. The pitching was terrible, and they were plagued with injuries all year. This off season they tried to make up for it by trading for Josh Bell, an all-star first baseman, Jon Lester, who has pitched in some big games and won, Brad Hand, statistically one of the best relievers in baseball, and signed Kyle Schwarber, a power hitting utility man who was once the face of the upcoming Cubs.

Miami Marlins: 78-84

Following a miracle season for the Marlins, they shouldn't be as good as last year. Even though they won a playoff series, the Marlins are right in the middle of one of the best divisions in baseball. Miami has a lot to look forward to though, with many bright young stars and a future guaranteed for success. The Marlins pulled off a miracle last year, but we don't think they can do that again in 2021.

Philadelphia Phillies: 75-87

Philadelphia's rotation and bullpen has been known by most fans to be one of the worst in the sport, and we see them being heavily affected once again by their weak side of the team. The Phillies are a pretty decent team, but just like the Marlins, they are in one of the best divisions in baseball. The Phillies should finish at the bottom of the east this year.

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals: 91-71

After the addition of Nolan Arenado, the Cardinals are almost certainly favorites to win the Central. They are in the worst division in all of baseball, and they have just a good enough team to make the playoffs. Arenado should be very good in Busch Stadium, and we don't see much other central teams rivaling them. The Cardinals might not be the best on paper, but the chemistry they have is unmatched.

Chicago Cubs: 84-78

Following an off season where the Cubs clearly began their rebuilding phase, they still should come somewhat close to winning their division in second place. Chicago had a lot to look forward to a couple years ago, but that didn't really pan out besides the World Series win in 2016, and they should look to trade guys like Baez and Bryant in the next few years. The Cubs will not have playoff berth in 2021.

Milwaukee Brewers: 76-88

Christian Yelich had a down season in 2020, but we don't expect him to stay that way in 2021. Even with Yelich coming back strong, Milwaukee will be far short of playoff hopes in 2021. They are regressing, and even with a playoff last year, they weren't good and got lucky because of the expanded playoffs that aren't returning this year. The Brewers won't be very good this season without any pitching.

Cincinnati Reds: 67-95

The Reds may have had a good run in 2020, without Bauer in that rotation and in a shortened season the Reds are going to be very bad in 2021. The offense has seen some good success, but they just don't seem like they have it in them this year. Cincinnati will be well short of a playoff, and should start considering a rebuild soon.

Pittsburgh Pirates: 50-112

The Pirates are clearly the worst team in all of baseball and don't have much exciting players yet. They do have a solid farm system though, featuring Ke'bryan Hayes, who will likely be the head of this team in the next few years. Right now though they don't have anything special, and it will take a while for them to be relevant. The Pirates will likely fall to very last in the entire league, and some even have them projected to be the worst team of all-time.

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers: 106-56

Without question the Dodgers are the best team in all of baseball, and following a World Series title, we don't see them changing much in 2021. The Dodgers have a great young core and farm system, and even added reigning Cy Young award winner Trevor Bauer to an already superb rotation. LA has the highest win total in Las Vegas betting history, and we think that they go even higher than projected on route to yet another West title.

San Diego Padres: 94-68

The Padres are one of the most exciting teams in all of baseball without a doubt. Whether they can translate that on the field is the big question. We think that they can, and project them to gain the top spot in the Wild Card. San Diego has been getting all the press, and for a good reason. The Padres are without a doubt becoming a powerhouse, and we're all here for it. The only question is if the Padres can out duel the Dodgers.

San Francisco Giants: 74-88

The San Francisco Giants have been in a tough spot for a few years now, but still won't give up their dynasty. This team really should give up sooner than later and start rebuilding, because they aren't going to match up with LA and San Diego any time soon. The Giants still have a sneaky good lineup though, and we project them to be better than two other teams in the division.

Arizona Diamondbacks: 71-91

Arizona has been in a rough patch in its history, and just like the Giants, aren't too sure whether to rebuild or compete. They have a very bright future with many top prospects, and they really could rebuild and trade away guys like David Peralta. They don't have much at the moment besides Ketel Marte, and we don't expect them to surprise anybody either. Expect them to be close with the Giants in this heavy division.

Colorado Rockies: 57-105

Colorado is in a rebuilding phase, although the owner still won't admit it. They traded away their best player in a long time, and don't have much left in the roster. Many are projecting Trevor Story to be traded relatively soon, so be on the lookout for another big move from Colorado. They also don't have much in their farm system, so they need to build it up by trading away big pieces. The Rockies are definitely one of the worst teams in baseball.

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