NL Playoff check-in; Reds now in wild card, Mets and Padres falling

With barely a month left in the MLB season, it is time to check in on each league's playoff standings. The NL has a packed race, whether it's in the west with the Giants and Dodgers dueling it out for the division or the insane wild card race for the last spot.

We'll start with the divisions where the Brewers currently hold a pretty comfortable lead over the Reds and Cardinals by 7.5 games. Willy Adames has arguably been the most valuable player for any team because since he came to Milwaukee, they have been one of the most dominant teams in baseball.

The Atlanta Braves are very hot lately, and it's helped get them into first place over the Phillies and Mets. Injuries to the Mets have really hurt them, and they have likely been pushed out of the playoffs by the injury bug. The Phillies have really been helped by likely MVP Bryce Harper and Cy Young candidate Zack Wheeler. The bullpen has improved, but still has plenty of room to get better, and they are now 5.5 games behind the Braves.

The west division seems to be the weirdest, as before the year the Dodgers and Padres were projected to battle for the top spot, but it's actually the Giants that hold the lead in the west. The Padres have really fallen back, and are on a very cold run since the beginning of August. Fernando Tatis Jr. has returned, but we'll see if he can fight off the injuries once again. The Dodgers are just 2.5 games behind the Giants, and hold a very comfortable lead in the Wild Card.

Speaking of the Wild Card, the Reds currently have the final Wild Card spot, and are 2 games ahead of the Padres and 4.5 games above the Cardinals. The Padres are really cold right now, so we'll have to see if they can catch fire in the final month to spark a playoff berth. The Cardinals are likely not going to make it, especially after losing Ace Jack Flaherty to the IL again. Without him they don't really have that top-of-the-line starter, which won't take them very far. The only other team that is in the chase is the Phillies, who are very good, but are 6 games out, and 6 games from the Reds is a tough task, especially when they're getting contributions from basically everyone on their team.

For now, I think the Reds are gonna keep the final spot in the Wild Card. The last month is sure to be filled with lots of excitement and crazy moments that will be super fun to watch. It will be quite a show leading up to the playoffs.

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