MLB the Show 21: Collector's Edition

With the new game being announced on Monday, the San Diego Studios gave a lot of information about the new game. They said that today would be the day we find out more about the new game, including the Collector's Edition for pre-order.

We just found out that on the cover is going to be Jackie Robinson. A few days before release of the standard edition, the cover athlete and the actual cover itself was leaked, and we also got a leak for the Collector's Edition. We already have seen the cover, but nevertheless the community is happy.

Although this year feels like Roberto Clemente's year, the community is still happy that a huge figure in history is going to have a role on the game this year. It almost seemed destined to have Clemente on the cover, but hopefully we can still have him as a new legend to the game.

No other information is out, but the other editions should cost up to around $110, ten more than previous years. When we get new info, we'll be sure to unveil it.

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