Jose Quintana to Angels; what are their priorities?

The Angels have not been able to get the last piece of the puzzle yet, but it's been pretty clear what they need, STARTING PITCHING! They always are in hot talks about the biggest pitcher on the market, this year being Trevor Bauer.

Last year it was Gerrit Cole and the hear prior being Clayton Kershaw. But they always disappoint us every year. Last year they got Dylan Bundy, who had an exceptionally good 2020 season despite reportedly cheating, over Gerrit Cole.

This year they got a pitcher that hasn't performed in years in Jose Quintana. Quintana hasn't shown any promise since he got traded from the White Sox to the Cubs. Quintana is not the guy they need, they need an ace.

Will they get Bauer, because if they do, they should be a very good team to watch make a run at the title. The main thing they've always needed is a solid ace that can lead this rotation.

If they can get the one guy they need, and they should, they could be favorites to win the west. Also, who doesn't want to play with the best player in all of baseball, Mike Trout. That alone should make a pitcher want to come over to this team.

One thing that Trevor Bauer has made known is that he only signs short contracts, which means he shouldn't be very expensive. If they can get a good starter, watch out for the Angels in 2021.

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