Fowler to Angels in questionable trade

The Angels have just acquired Dexter Fowler from the Cardinals and it seems like a questionable move. Why would they trade for him. They don't really get much value with this trade and it seems that they did the bidding of the Cardinals.

Fowler wasn't really the guy in St. Louis after expecting him to perform at all-star play when they signed him. He had a season hitting under .200 and wasn't a breakout star on the Cardinals.

The Cardinals really don't need him that much, so they shipped him off to the Angels. The Angels decided to buy in on Fowler, and it really just doesn't make too much sense. He doesn't really fit in a solid lineup with a young core, and the outfield is already loaded as it was before.

The Angels already have the best player in baseball in Mike Trout, a slugger in Justin Upton, and a rising star in Jo Adell. Fowler doesn't slot in anywhere, and even if they were to move someone like Upton to DH, they already have superstar Shohei Ohtani to hit and pitch.

While Fowler might just sit the bench and bring a veteran presence to a young team, they already have a lot leaders in that clubhouse like Albert Pujols, Justin Upton, Dylan Bundy, and a lot more. They don't need him in any way.

Also, when you factor in their big needs, they need starting pitching. And if they have Dexter Fowler now, he costs a lot of money for virtually no value. This handicaps the front office from making any moves that will help the team in the long run. When they can't get what they need, they can't make a deep run into the playoffs.

When you think about the moves they have made, it's not great. They got Jose Quintana, a struggling starter that hasn't performed well in years, Raisel Iglesias, who is actually a good move, but still isn't a solid starter, and Alex Cobb, who also struggles and hasn't really ever performed very well.

While we still wait on the Bauer news, we'll see if the Angels try to make a push on him, but for now, the Angels don't look like contenders for a World Series.

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