Cardinals officially acquire Arenado in five player trade

On Friday we found out that the Rockies agreed to part ways with Arenado and ship him to the Cardinals. It was very close and we all knew it was going to happen but it still wasn't official.

Yesterday night the baseball world found out that the Gold Glover was officially heading over in a five player deal. Involved in the trade was Mateo Gil, a third baseman, and Austin Gomber, Elehuris Montero, Tony locey, and Jake Sommers. The only Major league ready player right now is Austin Gomber, who made his debut in 2018 and was supposed to be the headline of the return for the Rockies.

The eight time Gold Glover has raked away from home in his career, yet people still don't realize it. He has a very respectable 118 WRC+ which puts the stadium into effect. While he might still play better in Coors, he is no slouch away from his home field.

While Arenado was a very good pick up for the Cards, the Rockies return was very mild in terms of who they got. For one of the best players in baseball, you would expect to get back at least a top 100 prospect, but the Rockies aren't getting any type of superstar in return. None of the players they got has quite the ceiling Arenado has, as Mateo Gil maybe could have 80% of what Arenado had.

After a trade like this, you have to consider that the Cardinals are the favorites to win the Central. We'll have to wait to see what Arenado the Cardinals will get.

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