Brantley signs back with Astros for 2 years

With the Astros getting back a lot of talent in 2021 including Justin Verlander and Yordan Alvarez. The Astros let Springer go elsewhere in free agency and almost lost Brantley as well.

It was reported that Brantley had signed with the Blue Jays and the entire baseball world filled with buzz. They had already signed Kirby Yates and George Springer the day before.

He was supposed to get a three year deal when it was reported. Later on, about one and a half hours later it was reported the talks had eventually stopped and they didn't have a deal. The Astros came in and offered him a 2 year contract that he eventually accepted.

This isn't really anything that has happened recently where virtually every credible reporter was wrong about something. You see that with lesser known reporters often just trying to get views but never something we saw on Wednesday.

Many Blue Jays fans are upset over this but it really could go to good use. Now they can focus on something that is a real need for the organization such as signing a good starting pitcher. They can go out and sign Trevor Bauer or maybe even a guy like James Paxton.

Remember, the Astros will have superstars coming back healthy in 2021. Verlander has only gotten better with age and Yordan Alvarez has shown that he can breakout at any moment. We saw breakouts like Framber Valdez shutting people down and statistically being one of the best all season.

This deal works out both ways, and if we see the Jays get what they need, they can be something special for years to come.

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