Bauer goes to Dodgers on record contract

After an eventful few hours, Trevor Bauer has announced on his YouTube page that he is signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. After it can down to the Mets and the Dodgers, the reigning Cy Young winner is heading to the state he grew up in.

Bauer signed to a three year, $102 million contract. That is out of this world type of money! He is going to make the most money out of any player in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

While the Dodgers might have a lot of money to spend, you just don’t think Bauer is going to be anything near as good as how much money he’s earning. He really shouldn’t make anywhere near the money that Mike Trout makes.

The reigning Cy Young deserves his recognition, but it’s gotten to the point where he’s now getting too much, and it seems that he is now the best pitcher in baseball. Obviously he isn’t, and that can’t be forgotten.

Bauer had his first breakout season in a shortened season, yet he now is getting way more recognition than most other breakout stars. Meanwhile most other players are being told that the shortened season does nothing for their careers.

Many drama is going down about the fact that Trevor posted on his website merchandise of the Mets, leading many to think that he was signing with them. People thought that he had "trolled" Mets fans, but he came out and said that he had many different merchandise ready to be posted after his decision, but his team had accidentally released the products to soon.

Now the Dodgers should be the favorites by a long shot to win the World Series, with a rotation that leaves out Tony Gonsolin and possibly Dustin May. It should have the ace Clayton Kershaw or Walker Buehler, then of course Trevor Bauer. After that they have David Price and three starters to choose from between Tony Gonsolin, Julio Urias, and Dustin May.

The Dodgers should be the next big dynasty, and we're all here for it.

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