Athletics sign reliever Rosenthal

Even though the Athletics gave up Liam Hendriks, they still have had a great off season in adding pitchers. They most recently added Fire balling righty Trevor Rosenthal. Rosenthal pitched for the Royals and Padres last year and had a great season. He was throwing harder than ever, and had good stats to show.

Last season in 23.2 innings pitched he has a 1.90 ERA, 11 saves, 2.22 FIP, and a strikeouts per nine of 14.5. Just a season ago he was one of the worst in baseball, posting a 13.5 ERA in 15.1 innings.

We're very surprised the Padres decided to let him go, especially since he was their star closer in 2020, and they lost their other closer in Kirby Yates. The Padres weakest spot has clearly been in the bullpen, and they haven't done anything to help that in the off season.

The Athletics ended up deciding to pay Rosenthal $11 million over 1 year. This might be a bit of an overpay, but they are getting a solid reliever who can lock down games in the A's very solid bullpen.

Rosenthal is a real hit or miss player coming into the full 162 game season, but the Athletics have always seemed to make any pitcher they get better when they come over.

If the A's can mold Rosenthal to be the same guy he was in 2020, they should have a great guy in their bullpen to look forward to.

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