All the drama coming up to the 2021 season

With a global pandemic affecting pretty much everything that we know and love, figuring out how to do the MLB season is no different. There are many factors that you have to take into account when dealing with this issue. It seems that other sports, especially basketball, have everything figured out. But commissioner Rob Manfred has not dealt with the issue very well. He has made many changes and rules that have outraged many fans. Obviously when you are the leader of a giant organization you are going to make a few people upset. It seems though, that Manfred has made just about every wrong decision you can make. Now we are going to list every bit of drama that has gone around the baseball community.

1. Letting fans in the stadium without checking for symptoms

The commissioner came out and said that stadiums will allow fans. That is completely fine because we have seen other sports experiment with this and done just okay. But then he said that fans will enter "at their own risk," meaning that any fan is allowed to enter even if they are clearly very sick. If we want to end this pandemic, then we cannot be letting people in without making sure everyone's safe.

2. Taking away the NL DH

After experimenting with having the DH brought into the National league for the first time, everybody seemed to love it. But I guess the commissioner didn't think so, so he took it away for the 2021 season. 2020 was a season for experiments, and this experiment worked exceptionally well without pitchers hitting. Statistics have always shown that when pitchers come up to the dish, it's a guaranteed out. The best way for the MLB to succeed is more excitement, but this isn't exciting. It isn't confirmed quite yet, but if it is going to happen, this isn't a very good idea.

3. 7 inning double-headers

In 2020 we tried out 7 inning games on double headers. We understood why we did that in the time crunch of the shortened season and teams missing games. But in 2021, where we are expected to have full 162 game seasons, we don't really know why we need this in 2021. It worked out fine last year when teams were having to make up so many games that they had to play more games than days left in the season. But we don't need to see this when we have a normal amount of time, just like any other regular season.

4. Runners on second base in extra innings

The same deal for the double headers is in place here. We hated this rule in 2020 but understood it under the time crunch. We couldn't have games going too long that viewers get bored and that we don't have time to make up games. But in 2021, after we hated and complained about this rule, it is somehow coming back this season. I'm not too sure what Manfred thinks he's doing at this point. It seems as though he doesn't listen to anything we say.

5. Full 162 game season

Look, I'm all for it, but why don't we have somewhere around a 120 game season or a 100 game season. I want this and understand but it might put a lot of stress on players to be ready earlier than expected originally. After only a 60 game season this can cause a lot of injuries that can put players at big risk. At least he listened to the fans on this one, but he didn't listen to the players I don't think. Or maybe he did. They could've definitely been telling him they're all for it to get more money, and he's run by the owners of the league. He isn't like the basketball commissioner where he makes the decisions all by himself. He is run by the owners and they are likely trying to make more profit in 2021. More games equals more money from tickets to TV deals. So even though the fans want this, it might not be the best idea.

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